Socially Responsible Travel

Venture Within understands the importance of corporate social responsibility. Since our professional development programs are centered around travel to exotic destinations, we also understand the importance of socially responsible travel. Even the most conscientious individuals leave a footprint in some way. We aim to repair and support the environment as well as support developing communities in achieving sustainable growth. We aim to provide opportunities for our participants to make a significant contribution to positive growth in local communities while protecting our beautiful planet.

We strive to choreograph socially responsible travel through community projects in-country. As professional educators and advocates for a healthier planet, our staff ensures that every decision and connection we make is in alignment with our values. We respect the environment. We practice radical awareness. We take a hands-on role in the conservation efforts in each of our project locations. We support local charitable organizations.


In Nicaragua we provide after-school English lessons using English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum and resources in primary and secondary schools. We also work with local farmers to provide Business Skill Training workshops to support young local entrepreneurs. Nicaragua is a rapidly developing economy with a high population of farmers and low-income families. In-class support and education in job-skill development will assist local communities in a way that will boost their ability to obtain jobs and access an improved quality of life in their changing world.

In Costa Rica we provide after-school activities and workshops in English and Spanish to local school children. We teach the importance of environmental sustainability, with an emphasis on sea turtle population protection, clean beaches, clean water practices and the importance of recycling.

We work with a non-profit organization in rural Thailand alongside the Mahouts and their elephants where participants engage as students of responsible wildlife exposure. Thai villages are able to generate revenue from their elephants through educational tourism, as opposed to harmful entertainment tourism. Our programs change the perspective of the local culture towards the treatment of wildlife, as well as their outlook towards education and international visitors.

Environment and Wildlife

Our programs focus on environmental conservation to support positive change in-country at our program destinations.

The project work with our elephants in Thailand includes working daily side-by-side with elephants who have been removed from harmful tourism. We assist the Mahouts in preparing sugar cane and other food for the elephants daily, walking and bathing the elephants in the river, and learning about these beautiful creatures in a way that ensures they live peacefully and humanely.

Our conservation activities for endangered sea turtle species in Costa Rica includes night-time beach patrols, relocation of sea turtle eggs, building and maintenance of sea turtle hatchery, monitoring, recording and tracking nesting and hatching data and releasing baby sea turtles safely to the sea.

Partnerships with Local Businesses

In each project location, we partner with local NGOs and businesses to ensure we do our part in supporting local families, the local economy, and provide authentic experiences that are culturally and locally generated. Funds for the programs go directly towards small, local organizations and businesses in order to support their ongoing initiatives. This includes everyone from organizations we partner with, as well as the local chefs we hire, local transportation services, translators and local guides. Our support of locals’ organizational initiatives also increases a demand for their services, which in turn creates a need to hire more employees locally.

Health and Safety

We follow best practices for accommodation, activity, transportation and 3rd party suppliers. We assess all of our partners on a regular basis and ensure each organization, accommodation, or transportation entity is insured. We work side by side with our industry partners to ensure safe and ethical tourism practices.