Changing Lives Through 

Purposeful Travel.


Venture Within delivers professional development and personal growth workshops facilitated in overseas locations. These workshops are part of a Leadership Course created specifically for those who seek purposeful, life-changing travel experiences.

To achieve different results in your life you must do something different. We believe that purposeful travel offers you new opportunities by changing your landscape in inspiring ways.

Our authentic, transformative travel experiences get you out in the world and connect you with your passions and potential. The professional development and personal growth courses enable you to think differently about yourself and the world you live in. You will redefine your ability to create a positive, lasting shift in your career and personal quality of life.

The Venture Within retreats offer you a new lens through which to see yourself – and the world.

Travel with us and level up!

“If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.” T.E.

Professional Development & Personal Growth Retreats

Our purposeful travel retreats deliver personal growth and leadership training in the following areas:

Personal Leadership
connect with your values & leverage your skills and strengths.

Professional Leadership
enhance & advance your skills on an organizational level.

Social Leadership
engage and connect with others more effectively.

Cultural Leadership
learn and grow through new cultural perspectives.

Our Destinations


Professional Development retreats on the beautiful emerald coast of Nicaragua offer culturally immersive experiences. Your Program will include strengthening your leadership potential and professional skill-set in this exotic tropical setting.

There are also optional opportunities to volunteer for social development initiatives.

The Nicaragua volunteer projects support local education, provide business skill training to local entrepreneurs, build playgrounds using recycled materials, or provide English learning opportunities to local communities.

Costa Rica

Your Costa Rica Professional Development Program is located near sea turtle conservation, reforestation, and environmental education centers on the Pacific Coast.

You have the opportunity to work “hands-on” in conservation efforts with an endangered sea turtle species and participate in environmental education activities with local schools.

Focus on personal growth against the stunning back drop of a tropical Costa Rica paradise. Add value to your experience by helping out with impactful volunteer projects in sea turtle conservation and education!


Your Thailand Professional Development retreat facilitates personal growth and leadership skills in a rural location where rescued Asian elephants are part of the community.

In addition to your Leadership Course, you could take the opportunity to join and support  eco-tourism with rescued Asian elephants.

Our Thailand retreats enable you to interact with and provide one-on-one care for Asian elephants that have been rescued from harmful tourism, exploitation, and inhumane environments. Enrich yourself with new culturally immersive activities.

If you also want to do good things that matter while you travel, we support local non-profit volunteer projects which you have the option to lend a hand to on your retreat
We work with dedicated non-profits and accredited affiliated in-country partners to create one of a kind trusted travel experiences and programs. Each collaboration creates a positive impact for local communities we work with.